Yellowradio Music and Sounds to Download

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More material available for download from Yellowradio on Soundcloud


Cakewalk StudioWare Panels

StudioWare Panel File Size
Roland Juno 106 / HS60 4 KB

K2000 Files

Before selling off the old Yamaha DX21, SY35 and Korg M1R, we sampled some of our favourite sounds using the Kurzweil K2000:


Sample File Size
DX21 Solid Bass DXBASS.KRZ 189 KB
SY35 Old Electric Piano SYOLDEP.KRZ 956 KB
SY35 Orchestra Strike SYSTRIKE.KRZ 169 KB
SY35 Slow Strings SYSTRING.KRZ 612 KB


Sample File Size
M1 Piano M1PIANO.KRZ 863 KB
M1 Pick Bass M1PIKBAS.KRZ 111 KB
M1 Life Magic LIFMAGIC.KRZ 863 KB
M1 Drum Kit M1PERCUS.KRZ 732 KB